Demonstration against new law concerning freedom of assembly – 10th April



More information is comming soon!

WHEN?:          15 o’clock


WO?:               Münsterplatz


MITBRINGEN?: face mask & green sign /

                         flag & clothes           


The demonstration will start at the Münsterplatz in Bonn and will continue through the city center and old town to the Frankenbad.

The demonstration will be split into different areas – a red, black, white, colorful and green area. We will be in the green area! More information can be found.



Hygienic Measures

The Covid19-pandemic is still going on and will probably stay a part of our life for the next time.
That’s why we developed several hygienic measures to make protests possible while protecting ourselves and each other.


  • 1.) People who tested POSITIVE for Sars-CoV-2, people who are in quarantine or people with Covid9-symptoms CANNOT participate in our           demonstration!
  • 2.) Wearing facemasks is mandatory, we recommend wearing MEDICAL MASKS (like FFF2-masks) and to bring a second mask.
  • 3.) Please keep a minimum distance of 2 METERS from other persons.
  • 4.) We will assemble in different SECTIONS. Please do NOT change your section during the demonstration.
  • 5.) Please download the CORONA-WARN APP if possible.
  • 6.) If you find out you were INFECTED with COVID19 during our protest, please CONTACT US us immediately.
  • 7.) We will PUBLISH all Covid19- cases anonymously HERE on this website (only that there were cases and in which section)
  • 8.) The authorities of Bonn require us to collect all names + addresses of the demonstrators to hand them over to the Ministry of Health if a Covid19-infection is being reported to the ministry. To fulfil this requirement, we kindly ask you fill in the forms we provide before the demonstration. All the contact information will be stored with us for four weeks and we will destroy them immediately after this time.
  • 9.) Please come by BIKE or by foot so the public transport doesn’t get to crowded

If we all pay attention and follow the hygienic measures, we can demonstrate safely!