October 15

Vigil for Lützerath – Lützi stays!

Lützerath is a village on the fringes of the lignite mining site in the Rhineland that is to be dug away as early as this year. Coal phase-out has been decided long ago, coal mining is only profitable due to governmental subsidies. This inhabitants of Lützerath and neighbouring villages refuse rightly to leave their homes for such a climate wrecking technology and are fighting by all possible means against the demolition.

For a just transition it has to be ensures that All Villages Stay and we have to stop burning coal!

If you ask for more information, also about how you can support us, feel free to come to our vigil on the market place at 3 p.m.!


October 17 and every following Sunday

Collective journey with Ende Gelände to walk through Lützerath

Come with us to Lützerath! On Sunday, we will go from town to the country – together, we join in the walk through the village of Alle Dörfer bleiben and Lützi lebt! For our resistance to coal and to the demolition of villages has to be carried out on the ground as well.

We meet at Bonn-Beuel train station at 8:30 a.m. (RE8 at 8:47). You need a bicycle! We look for the tickets together, so that everyone, no matter their financial situation, can come with us. On Sundays, students of the university of Bonn can take both a second person and a bike with them for free! The walk through the village starts at 11:30 a.m.


October 22

From Bonn to Berlin – Central strike in Berlin at the Global climate justice day

On October 22, worldwide, we strike fo system change – because climate crisis intensifies social injustices all over the world. We must  #UprootTheSystem, solve the climate crisis and build up a world of climate justice, without racism, sexism and discrimination!

This climate strike will take place centrally in Berlin – since it is there that coalition negotiations of the fu re government take place at the moment, which are immensely important for keeping in the 1.5 degree goal. This is why we are travelling to Berlin together.

Tickets you can buy here.One Ticket costs 10 EUR (Return Trip inclusive).

We will go by bus which will start at 11:30 p.m. on Thursday evening. The bus back to Bonn will start around 10 p.m. in Berlin. You want to come with us? Contact us, if you want to join our Telegram-Group were we post additional information. At Wednesday we will post here where exactly the bus will start.