You want to actively fight for climate justice in Bonn? Then you’ve come to the right spot!

We are organized as a grassroots movement where everyone can contribute as they want and have time. We act as one of hundreds of autonomous local chapters of Fridays for Future Germany. We work to get local and national policies that are in accordance with the 1.5°C goal. For this we participate not only in the global climate strikes but also organize many additional activities in Bonn, engage in conversations with policy makers, participate in panel discussions and engage with and support other political movements whose demands are in line with a more climate-just world.


Every Thursday at 6 p.m. we meet for our organizing meeting. There we talk about past and future strikes, marches and activities and keep current with the work of our work groups. In non-pandemic times, we like to enjoy a soft drink together after our meetings or talk until late on Discord (during pandemic times).

We try to have regular onboarding meetings to make it easier for new members to join our meetings. However, you are always cordially invited to join.



We wholeheartedly believe that “Unite behind the Science” also applies to the current Covid-19 pandemic. That’s why we meet online, in person or hybrid depending on the current situation.  If you want to participate, contact us via Instagram, Facebook or E-Mail.



Apart from the Organizing Meetings we have work groups that meet regularly since it often makes more sense to organize things in smaller groups. 😉 For some events and activities we have “taskforces” that are in charge of particular events or activities. Just write us a message and we will work out how it fits you to join the group.

We recommend you start with participating in the general organizing meeting before you join a work group but you can also just participate in a work group if you can not attend on Thursdays for examples.

The mobilization work group advertises our events and activities online and offline. For this they distribute fliers, put up posters, do artworks with chalk and come up with new, creative forms of informing and mobilizing people for our events and activities.

Our PR work group write press releases to strikes and other activities, coordinate meetings with journalists and organize press conferences.

Social Media-AG
The social media work group maintains our social media accounts (facebook, instagram, twitter), informing our followers about our every day work and upcoming activities and events.

The equipment work group organizes the technical equipment for our strikes, marches and activities.

Our corporation work group maintains our e-mail account and answers cooperation requests from political and civic stakeholders

Presentations in Schools
Our work group for presentations in schools creates and gives presentations on topics that relate to climate justice in schools and other institutions and answers requests:  Climate Talks at Schools 

Our finance work group manages our donation.


The Students for Future are not a classic work group. They are a registered student association. Many of our members are also members of the Students for Future. The Students for Future take care of everything that concerns university life: They organize educational events on campus such as the Public Climate School, talk to the university and mobilize within the university for our activities.

If you want to join, just write them at