You want to join our climate justice camp?


Below you find all the information you need. Just come and join us!  🙂

A wide-ranged program with many workshops, lectures, skillshares, events and much more is waiting for you. Everyone is welcome to join us, to camp with us on the Hofgarten, to discuss with us and to attend to the program (all for free). We are looking forward to see you!

We take the Covid19-crisis very seriously. That’s why we have a strict corona concept in ehe camp.

To be able to realise the camp we depend on donatations (material and money). Take a look at our material list if you have something we might need!Also we always need people to cook, to do night shifts, ….

Why are we doing a climate justice camp?

The next legislative period of the Bundestag, which will be elected on 26th September, is crucial for fighting climate crisis and for reaching the 1.5°C goal. That’s why we camp on the Hofgarten.

Many young people are not allowed to vote yet or can notdecide about political measures. Additionally, none of the big political parties has a political manifesto to reach the 1.5°-goal. Whichever Bundestag we will have after the election, we have to be loud and on the streets to get it to fight the climate crisis enough. With our camp we make clear, that we will be watching politics from the beginning.

We need massive social and political change to build a world we can all live in. You want to be part of the change? Come to the climate justice camp and let’s fight together!



The program will be updated regularily – check it out more often so you don’t miss anything!

You want the program on your phone? Come in the info channels! ->

Unfortunalty, the program is completely in German. That’s why there is no translation for the schedule. But feel free to come to our camp anyway, we will try to have someone doing a whisper translation!

Material and money donations

In order to realise the camp we rely on material and money donations. If you can borrow us something from the list, please contact us!

material list (will be updated regularily):

  • – beer tables & benches
  • – big water canisters
  • – camping tables, tents, …
  • – food


The Covid19-pandemic is still going on and will probably stay a part of our life for the next time.
That’s why we developed several hygienic measures to make protests possible while protecting ourselves and each other.


  • 1.) People who tested POSITIVE for Sars-CoV-2, people who are in quarantine or people with Covid9-symptoms CANNOT participate in our camp!
  • 2.) The GGG-rule is mandatory: everyone needs to be tested, vaccinated or recovered from Covid19 before joining the camp. We will have some tests in the camp.
  • 3.) Wearing facemasks is mandatory, we recommend wearing MEDICAL MASKS (like FFF2-masks).
  • 4.) Please keep a minimum distance of 1.5 METERS from other persons.
  • 5.) Please register in the LISTS at the camp when you visit a workhsop. So we are able to track chains of infection.
  • 6.) Please download the CORONA-WARN APP if possible and register with the QR-Codes in the camp.
  • 7.) If you find out you were INFECTED with COVID19 during you visited our camp, please CONTACT US us immediately.
  • 8.) We will PUBLISH all Covid19- cases anonymously HERE on this website (only that there were cases and in when there were at the camp).
  • 9.) Please sleep every night with the same persons in the same tent to limit chains of infections.

If we all pay attention and follow the hygienic measures, we can demonstrate safely!